Arilds Smoked Salmon

Arild’s Smoked Salmon is made according to traditions and knowledge from Levajok in Tana.

I got to know Ivar Hauge, who was the owner of Levajok Mountain Lodge. Ivar taught me an unique way to smoke salmon.

The smoked salmon is fantastic both for everyday use and for special occations, and can be enjoyed with delicious contiments and beverages.

I reccomend the smoked salmon with bread and eggs, salads, crispbread, waffles, flatbread and sour cream, or mustard sauce.

You can also for example try it in a fish soup, or as a side dish with pinnekjøtt.

Smoked salmon is an excellent gift for family or friends, as well as business contacts.

The smoked salmon is produced at Fjellkysten AS, Tennevoll, Lavangen.

Handy Tips for Storing the Smoked Salmon

Take the smoked salmon out of the vacuum bag and leave it on teh kitchen counter for about an hour before serving. The taste will even out, and will leave an absolutely magical aftertaste.

Refrigerated (0–4 °C)
  • Wrap the smoked salmon with wax paper and leave it airy. You can also use tissue paper.
  • Do NOT store the smoked salmon in a closed plastic bag.
Frozen (–18 °C)
  • Cut the smoked salmon into desired sizes.
  • Wrap the smoked salmon in wax paper.
  • Finally, put it in a plastic bag and seal it.